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Sat Nov 26 04:50:25 UTC 2011

On 11/26/2011 04:13 AM, Ed Greshko wrote:

> What part isn't true?  Nowhere in what I've written did I compare SL 
> with Fedora.  Nowhere did I make any claims of stable v.s. unstable.  
> So, I'm puzzled as to why you would do so.

whoa mule. 8-D

i made no such statement.

i wrote;

}> i presume that you have not installed and used Scientific Linux for
}> any length of time. tho i may be wrong.

have you install SL?

i have and there where no default *scientific* programs installed.

unless you consider "Dia", a graphics diagram editor as 'scientific'.

in kde's menu selection, there is a heading of 'Science & Math', which
is empty.

menu does have 'KCalc', scientific calculator, under 'Utilities/Desktop'.

granted, i may have moved them to where they are not, too long to recall
for sure, but is do not consider them "scientific".

i also have a menu headings of "Electronics/Analog/Mixed Signal Design"
with "XCircuit Schematic" which runs 'xcircuit', but iirc, i installed it.

i guess i could pull out my backed yum logs and check for sure, but that
is a little more trouble than worth.

> SL is RHEL recompiled from source with the RH copyrighted materials 
> removed....

most all of them.

> just like CentOS.  Right?

this i can only presume because centos site claims to do so.

i did install centos a few years ago and did not like it from start, so
i removed it.


peace out.



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