Fc15 writing an iso on a dvd with k3b - Unable to mount DVD-R

Markku Kolkka markku.kolkka at saunalahti.fi
Sat Nov 26 11:08:40 UTC 2011

26.11.2011 5:32, Gregory P. Ennis kirjoitti:
> lshw lists the following :
>           *-cdrom
>                 description: DVD reader
>                 product: CDRWDVD CRX850E
> ...
>                 capabilities: removable audio cd-r cd-rw dvd

Your drive is a CD-RW/DVD device, it can't write on DVDs. There's
nothing wrong with your OS or software.

    Markku Kolkka
    markku.kolkka at iki.fi

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