Configuring new ethernet interfaces

Alex mysqlstudent at
Wed Oct 5 02:43:59 UTC 2011


>> I have an existing fedora15 x86_64 server with two interfaces that
>> I've moved to a different motherboard and processor with dual onboard
>> Intel 1000mbs ethernet controllers on it (e1000e driver). After moving
>> the system to the new motherboard, for some reason the ethernet
>> interfaces changed from eth0 and eth1 to eth4 and eth5.
>> Why did this happen, and how do I change it back to eth0 and eth1?
>> It looks like udev  has something to do with this?
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
> The MAC addresses changed. Take a look at this:

That was it, thanks. I knew the MAC address changed (should have
mentioned that initially) and also knew it was related to udev, but
just couldn't remember the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
file was the one that needed to be changed.

Thanks again,

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