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Mon Oct 17 20:27:53 UTC 2011

Not precisely what you are requesting, but the "sudo" command could be 
used to allow your admin root access to certain commands only.

See "man sudo" and "man visudo".  The /etc/sudoers file has examples of 
this sort of functionality, but should only be edited using the visudo 


On Sun, 2011-10-16 at 14:17 +0530, Benjamin wrote:

> I want to configure restricted shell for one of my server.
> I want to allow specific  commands only to my local admin , means he
> can use only commands which i allowed for more commands or any
> other bash facility he can't use.
You can look into "chroot"ing, where the other person has a different
root directory, and all the sub-directories, and you copy the commands
that they're allowed to use into their directory tree.

Of course, to do this properly, you also need to make sure that they
can't use a compiler, else they can create their own commands.

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