imac on lan, printing to f14: network host '' is busy, will retry in 30 seconds

jackson byers byersjab at
Mon Oct 17 22:27:41 UTC 2011

Tim responded
>On the CUPS server computer, the firewall must be opened to allow
>network printing service.  This allows UDP and TCP traffic over port
>631, over your network interface.  Fedora has a preset option for this
>in its firewall control panel.

 On my f14 I ran  'system-config-firewall' and checked the  IPP box,
 Network Printing Server (IPP)

as I responded to emilio, I am now stuck on 'paused printing'.
I guess this is better than 'busy'............

>On any of the client computers, the firewall must be opened to allow
>network printing clients.  This allows UDP traffic over port 631.
>Fedora has a preset option for this in its firewall control panel.

 uhh, my iMac is the client trying to print to a printer on the f14 server.
 So my iMac doesnt have network printing clients, the iMac is the client.
 Are you  saying that in this case
 my iMac needs 'firewall opened to allow network printing clients'?

>The CUPS clients shouldn't need any configuring of their CUPS service,
>and attempting to do so can cause problems.  They should simply find the
>available printers on the network, when the above three conditions are
>set up.

 My previous rececent experience [on my older version of
f14(preupgrade from f12)]
 says I _do_ need to do some configuring of CUPS on the iMac:
 (shown to me by Ted Roche on this list):
 need on iMac for 'cupsctl BrowseRemoteProtocols=cups';
 without that, the iMac then couldn't even see the f14 printer.

thanks for your response


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