imac on lan, printing to f14: network host '' is busy, will retry in 30 seconds

jackson byers byersjab at
Tue Oct 18 20:49:14 UTC 2011

emilio wrote:
> It sounds like port 631 is closed in Fedora Firewall. Did you check that?

this was it!

I have now printed (twice) from the iMac to my f14 printer

I know i enabled the 'IPP server' on the f14 firewall a few days ago
 via 'system-config-firewall'

Today 18 OCT I reckd firewall on f14 and saw  'IPP server'  box  _not_  ckd.

so i redid it via 'system-config-firewall'
and then immediately went back to imac and printing worked!!!!???

This has been such a battle that I don't fully trust this fix will stay.
But for now, consider it done.

thanks to Tim and Emilio!


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