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I've installed Fedora 15 to try the distro, it was a bit difficult at first
(I have used Slackware for the last 8 years) but I'm beginning to become
familiar with Fedora usage, although I have a few doubts about the

For years I used to create 2 primary partitions, SWAP and EXT3, but now I
found that Fedora requires a different layout with more partitions like
other *nix operating systems that distribute the space in more areas for
home, root, usr, etc.

I would like to keep simple my disk, and reading the Fedora installation
guide found that there are only 3 partitions required, SWAP, BOOT (ext3) and
ROOT / (ext3)... I still don't like the idea of an independent boot
partition but let's do it in the Fedora way... so, I want to know if this
layout may work for me... I want to ask before doing it to save hours of
installation just to try and see the results...

#1 PRIMARY type 0c (Win95 Fat32 LBA)
     A - SWAP type 82
     B - BOOT /boot type 83 (linux ext3)
     C - ROOT / type 83 (linux ext3)

And one additional doubt... Fedora worked fine on this laptop but just
bought a new one, it comes with Windows7 preinstalled and want to keep the
original system backed up... Do you think it is safe to use Clonezilla for
any modern hard disk? My doubt is because I have a relatively old IDE disk
(80Gb) that after restoring a Clonezilla backup it does not boot anymore, I
guess it is due a possible different geometry interpretation by my installed
linux and the Clonezilla bootable linux, since the disk is ok and works
always perfect...

So, do you think it would be a good idea to backup Win7 on a SATA 500Gb
disk, no datafiles yet, just the operating system, I want to keep it for the

And, after the backup, during the Fedora installation, it asks how to use
the hard disk, there is an option to shrink a used partition, but would it
work with Win7? As far as I know a NTFS partition can not be shrinked... is
it possible? can you comment something about this?

Thanks for your help!

Miguel Cardenas
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