No wireless (waiting for authorization) after awake from suspend

Gene Smith gds at
Wed Sep 7 05:41:58 UTC 2011

Gene Smith wrote, On 09/05/2011 11:08 PM:
> F15 on new HP dv7-6195 (i7/sandy bridge) cannot regain wireless
> connection after awake from suspend. In KDE, I see notification "waiting
> for authorization" and then a "key" icon appears over the wireless icon
> in tray. In gnome, a dialog pops up with my wireless key (correctly
> filled in) for me to confirm. After confirming, it keeps popping back up
> every 30 seconds or so. Never asks for my password, just wireless key.
> It is set to be stored in encrypted file.
> Wired ethernet connection works fine before and after suspend and
> wireless works fine only before suspend.
> I have tried rmmod / modprobe to remove / add back the wireless driver.
> Also, set selinux to permissive thinking it might be that type of problem.
> Only reboot, so far, brings wireless back.
> Any ideas?
> -gene

Added to this bug report which sounds very similar to what I see:

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