LXDE is an acceptable substitute for Gnome 2

JB jb.1234abcd at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 21:08:32 UTC 2011

Alan Cox <alan <at> lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk> writes:

> > I personally think that you GNOME 3 devs are incompetent (I know that there
> > are some who are not happy about the state of it and perhaps will get
> > an upper hand in due time - the sooner the better).
> That seems uncalled for. Trying to build a new desktop is a large, non
> trivial project. It doesn't take incompetence to get it badly wrong in
> places, it's an inevitable part of any big change. The real test will be
> how well it gets sorted and tidied up.
> Most of the Gnome 3 developers have done a heck of a lot more work than
> almost all of the peanut gallery.
> Alan

Alan, I think you are mistaken by trying to be an apologist for GNOME 3 and
its devs.

I repeat my main line of GNOME 3 disapproval:
the idea of one DE for a hand device, tablet, netbook, notebook, workstation,
And I do not want to repeat mine and others disapproval of lower level,
technical design (menus, layout of work spaces, windows handling, etc), so
called user experience.

You can not assume that everybody is now conspiring to bring down GNOME 3 and
its devs, do you ?
As far as I am concerned it is a shame to present that kind of conceptual
garbage even in an alpha/beta stage, and call it a "necessary progress".

I think GNOME 3 devs and their handlers (you know who you are, do you ?) are
either stupid or evil.
I tend to think that evil presumes rationality. So it remains stupidity.

People who come up with such idea and design and write a DE like GNOME 3 for 
users across the entire market market spectrum deserve to be put in
a straitjacket and kept on Prozac ad infinitum.
They injure themselves and others, and so can not be trusted that they are 
sane and not dangerous to environment.
They are complete lunatics and should be treated as such.


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