Neal Becker Software Package..?

JB jb.1234abcd at
Wed Jan 4 16:23:25 UTC 2012

Olav Vitters <olav <at>> writes:

> ... 
> For anyone reading along: At the Desktop Summit at least 10 people
> thanked me personally for the moderation I do on the GNOME mailing
> lists. Also get a thanks in the presentation of the GNOME foundation
> meeting (during GUADEC & Desktop Summit).

Who gives a penny about that here, may I ask ?
This is a Fedora users list.

> > As a matter of fact, you should distance yourself from GNOME after all that
> > DE garbage they delivered to Fedora users, all over the world.
> I do not see the link between this and "with all due respect".
I do not think you are up to the task if you are confused about the above ...
This is not a list to be "moderated" by half-witts of your caliber.
Get lost.


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