simple-mtpfs fills root filesystem

Joe Zeff joe at
Thu Dec 5 04:01:42 UTC 2013

On 12/04/2013 06:17 PM, Alex wrote:
> It looks like many files are duplicated, because I don't even have 10G
> worth of pictures on the phone. The files look like
> "010037f1903cd1a154f69bd11897ad5c656d854f" and contain actual JPEG
> pictures.
> After unmounting the filesystem, the contents of the directory is
> eventually removed.
> What is the cause of this?

I'm only guessing, but it sounds like it's downloading everything on 
your phone each time you connect, even if you've already downloaded 
them.  Is there a reason that you never remove the files from your 
phone, or is it just more convenient for you that way?

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