How to install DVD version from iso on hard drive -

Roger arelem at
Fri Dec 6 10:37:55 UTC 2013

>> Actually I think the present situation might really be preferred [by 
>> me]. Much like bringing up the BIOS setup screen with DEL at turn on 
>> I press "F9" and get a boot menu, select the hard drive I want and 
>> proceed with one of the grub screens, different but not a real 
>> problem. I kind of like the idea of completely separate systems. I 
>> also have a copy of F20b in a VMware VM which works well enough using 
>> XFCE instead of the unfathomable Gnome3. 
> Aahh, finally! Simple is beautiful. "<F12>: BOOT MENU Boot Menu allows 
> you to set the first boot device without entering BIOS Setup. In Boot 
> Menu, use the up arrow key <↑> or the down arrow key <↓> to select the 
> first boot device, then press <Enter> to accept. To exit Boot Menu, 
> press <Esc>. The system will directly boot from the device configured 
> in Boot Menu. …" F20!? Not again! 

> Almost right and that is the way I have done it for years---However--- 
> Ubuntu upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 found the Fedora 16 and included it 
> in the Grub boot. Because I forgot to take the side of my computer box 
> and pull the cable from the hard drive before upgrading.
Now that it's grub has been discombobulated it will not boot from F12.
Good thought though.

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