usb disk, in reverse?

Patrick O'Callaghan pocallaghan at
Wed Dec 11 10:22:02 UTC 2013

On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 3:27 AM, John Wendel <jwendel10 at> wrote:

> My Western Digital Media box exports a CIFS filesystem that I mount on my
> Fedora box, works great, faster than a locally connected USB disk. It will
> also mount a USB disk with ext3 formatted filesystem. I believe some people
> have figured out how to get root on the WD as well (but why bother). I like
> it a lot, it plays almost every video I have.

I have one of those (in fact I'm on my second one) and in general I'm very
happy with it, but I use it the other way round, i.e. most of the content
comes via DNLA from my NAS (Iomega though I wouldn't recommend it).

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