can one trust mirrors that claim to have fedora 20 ready for download right now?

Andre Robatino robatino at
Tue Dec 17 14:18:26 UTC 2013

Robert P. J. Day <rpjday <at>> writes:

>    as i remember it, new fedora releases typically become available
> mid to late morning of the release date, but i checked one of my
> common canadian mirrors and there it is (DVD image, checksum,
> netinst.iso), but the last modified date of all of that is
> back on dec 12.
>    would that actually be the official release, or simply a
> misnamed beta?  hmmmm ... it appears that
> has it up, with the same last modified dates. so i'm starting
> to be convinced.

If there are signed checksum files, and they verify properly (see ), then you can trust them, regardless
of where you downloaded them from. The Gold Final version was RC1.1, which
at the moment is still in (see the Go/No-Go
meeting details from the links in
). The checksums in your signed files should be identical to the ones in the
unsigned files, and the signatures should be good.

BTW, the reason the ISO times are from Dec. 12 is that that's when they were
created - the Go/No-Go meeting was on that date and they were finished just
in time.

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