Fedora-20 beta -

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 20:32:11 UTC 2013

On 17 December 2013 19:57, Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin at wildblue.net> wrote:
> On 17/12/13 14:25, Joe Zeff wrote:
>> Why be in such a hurry to upgrade?  Is being an early adopter that
>> important to you?  On the first day or so of a new release, the repos are
>> going to be slammed, just as the MS servers are on Patch Tuesday. And, of
>> course, there's always the few (we hope) bugs and glitches that didn't get
>> caught in beta-testing.  I always wait at least a week, to see how things
>> are going, and then I only upgrade my laptop.  My desktop, and main work
>> machine, can wait until I'm sure that the laptop's OK.  And, if I see large
>> numbers of threads here and on the various web fora about upgrade issues,
>> I'll wait even longer, sometimes skipping a version if it seems buggier than
>> normal.  Of course, I'm only responsible for my own boxes at home, and being
>> retired have no work boxes to consider, but I'd think that a little bit of
>> patience might be a good thing here.  YMMV, and clearly does, but I do
>> wonder a tad about what's the big rush.  (If you have a good reason, such as
>> a need for the newest version of something, of course, that's different.
>> It's just the "change for the sake of change" attitude that I don't quite
>> understand.)
> Joe, if I must justify my actions, and I question that, there's no "big
> rush" it's just another form of amusement for me. I had been running F-20 in
> VMware and decided it worked well enough to use. The hard drive on which
> F-19 is installed was becoming too full. I installed a larger drive from an
> F-16 computer that failed several weeks ago and decided I would move my work
> into the larger drive, why not with F-20 beta which I already knew was good
> to go?" So here I am. I still have F-19 available on this computer if I mess
> up anything as well as having a second F-19 computer configured to be like
> this one and can swap configuration files back and fourth as well as storing
> copies on an NFS server. The more I mess with this stuff the better my
> ability becomes at manipulating things and I solve most of the problems I
> create, only come here when I have to.

In fact by definition it's people running pre-release for whatever
reason who are doing the testing! And even if you don't want, or don't
think you're wanted, to fill out test matrices, you can still provide
feedback on individual packages. People with the time, resources and
inclination are more than welcome to run beta.


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