rsync not backing up all files

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Wed Dec 18 15:17:10 UTC 2013

On 12/18/2013 10:05 AM, Robert Nichols wrote:
> On 12/18/2013 06:56 AM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>> $ rsync -ah --stats ./ 
>> /run/media/rgm/6XW1484R/lx120e.htt/rgm/backup-131218
>> Number of files: 30174
>> Number of files transferred: 25251
>> Total file size: 34.93G bytes
>> Total transferred file size: 34.93G bytes
>> Literal data: 34.93G bytes
>> Matched data: 0 bytes
>> File list size: 776.54K
>> File list generation time: 0.121 seconds
>> File list transfer time: 0.000 seconds
>> Total bytes sent: 34.94G
>> Total bytes received: 499.44K
>> sent 34.94G bytes  received 499.44K bytes  23.53M bytes/sec
>> total size is 34.93G  speedup is 1.00
>> ==================================================
>> So the question is why were ~5k files NOT copied?  Properties on 
>> /home/rgm shows
>> ~42GB disk used.
> "Number of files" includes a lot of things (directories, symlinks) 
> that are
> not ordinary files.  See if "find . ! -type f | wc -l" gives you a number
> that accounts for the difference.

Reponds back with 4962 which is pretty close, given that I have done a 
few things since the backup (like restarting a few copies of Thunderbird).

Thanks for clarifying this for me. I suspected directories, but did not 
think I had THAT many! Obviously it was more than just directories. I 
will save this little find in my notes of things to check.

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