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> On 12/18/2013 03:44 PM, Chris Murphy wrote:
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>>> My Lenovo x120e supposedly has the sata3 chipset, but only sata2 enabled.  According to a few forums that I found when looking for what type of drive to buy for this laptop.  Some think the sata2 option is to upsell the x220.
>> For SSD you'll almost certainly want SATA rev 3.0 enabled. The bandwidth is 300MBs vs 600MB/s. By running SATA rev. 2 you're bandwidth limiting your hardware.
> And sata2 is better with a HD than a SSD?

In terms of bandwidth, no difference because the drive is slower than the SATA rev2 cap, but there are other benefits to SATA rev 3.0 including some ncq enhancements and other hand waivey things. So normally, short of bugs, you should use the highest revision the drive and controller support.

>  All the comments I found said that Linux was seeing the drive as sata2, even though the chipset supported sata3.

Seems possible. You can check this with dmesg, find the SATA device note and then redo dmesg and filter with grep to find all the messages related to that drive only. Also useful for finding bugs if the driver is having problems communicating with the drive at the higher spec revision level (rare but does sometimes happen).

Chris Murphy

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