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Chris Murphy lists at
Sat Dec 21 21:26:58 UTC 2013

On Dec 21, 2013, at 2:11 PM, Roger Heflin <rogerheflin at> wrote:

> you will need a vgextend first something like "vgextend fedora_box1000
> /dev/sdb4" that will add the disk to the vg.

pvcreate first, then vgextend to add.

> /dev/mapper/fedora_box1000-home   17G  7.2G  8.1G  47% /home

Oops, you're right, there it is.

> so either /dev/fedora_box1000/home or /dev/fedora_box1000/root will
> need to be extended, you can also use the names shown in the df
> commands…

And then lvresize for one or both of those to get the size he wants them. And then resize2fs to resize the file systems.

But I think he didn't want a new /home on /dev/sdb, I think he wanted the /home he had on /dev/sda but I could be mistaken. I'm not clear on the exact final layout the OP wants.

Chris Murphy

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