F20: yum update does not automatically update grub2

Ranjan Maitra maitra.mbox.ignored at inbox.com
Mon Dec 23 14:20:53 UTC 2013

On Mon, 23 Dec 2013 11:52:13 +0100 Michael Schwendt
<mschwendt at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sun, 22 Dec 2013 16:04:47 -0600, Ranjan Maitra wrote:
> > OK, thanks! I am not sure I understood this correctly, but here is what
> > I did:
> > 
> > sudo yum update -y (this brings back the new kernel and installs it).
> > 
> > rpm -q --scripts kernel|tail -2
> > posttrans scriptlet (using /bin/sh):
> > /bin/kernel-install add
> > 3.12.5-302.fc20.x86_64 /boot/vmlinuz-3.12.5-302.fc20.x86_64 || exit $?
> > 
> > So, this appears to match whatever you have written above. Now what
> > should I do?
> Well, it depends. What would you like to do?
> You could become superuser root, then run exactly the kernel-install
> command found above, and check the exit return code and watch out for
> any warning/error it might print.

$ sudo rpm -q --scripts kernel|tail -2
posttrans scriptlet (using /bin/sh):
/bin/kernel-install add
3.12.5-302.fc20.x86_64 /boot/vmlinuz-3.12.5-302.fc20.x86_64 || exit $?

This is all I get. Not sure what it means/how to check the exit return

> Next step would be to debug the
> /bin/kernel-install script in an attempt at finding out where it fails.
> Perhaps it fails within the /sbin/new-kernel-pkg script, perhaps in
> grubby (that'll be C code then, however), perhaps due to SELinux, or
> perhaps because it doesn't recognise a valid template in your grub.cfg.

How does one debug the /bin/kernel-install script?

> You could also spend some time in bugzilla and search for whether
> somebody else is affected.

Thanks! I will look around, but judging by how no one has complained on
this list or pointed to a BZ entry, perhaps not.

Many thanks again, and best wishes!

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