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Chris Murphy lists at
Sat Dec 28 18:25:44 UTC 2013

On Dec 27, 2013, at 7:25 PM, Patrick Dupre <pdupre at> wrote:
> cp -a /mnt/linux1/* /mnt/linux2

This does not copy .hidden files. There are quite a few:

find / -name .\*

> I do not like to use dd, because I want to keep the size of the 2 patitions are different
> I could use tar -c tar -x

I would sooner use rsync -avAHX source/ destination

FYI new feature in Fedora 20 is LVM Thin Provisioning. You can create a snapshot of an existing LV and just use that as your new root. No copying. And it saves space because the snapshot uses the extents of the original (without changing them, changes cause new extents to be created that apply only to the snapshot). Basically the snapshot becomes a new LV.

Chris Murphy

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