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Timothy Murphy gayleard at alice.it
Mon Dec 30 20:17:51 UTC 2013

Robert Moskowitz wrote:

> Are you looking to build a mail server?  I can give you the links I
> used, but I would recommend doing a mail server on Centos, not Fedora.
> Unless you are experimenting..

No, I'm not trying to build a proper mail-server.
I collect email on my server from various (remote) mail-servers.
This is then processed by postfix/amavis/clamav/spamassassin .
Spam is marked by addition of [SPAM] or ***Spam*** to the Subject header,
as well as addition of several other headers.

As I understand it, the email is then passed through dovecot(?),
to ~/Maildir/cur/ .

This must be a standard setup.
So how normally is spam dealt with, at this stage?
You seemed to be suggesting that it could be dealt with earlier, by amavis?
Or it could be left to the client MUA, KMail in my case?
What is the norm?

Timothy Murphy  
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