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Sat Mar 2 10:57:13 UTC 2013

Allegedly, on or about 01 March 2013, Craig White sent:
> I have had an occasion (granted just one) where I had a really
> large (4TB) LVM and added more drives to the system and created a new
> 'PV' but I joined them together as a single 'logical' volume. I
> believe that is what you are referring to called 'spanning'.
> It was a breeze and this was a server with RAID 10 so there's little
> risk when you lose a drive.

Yes, that kind of thing was what I meant by spanning (not sure if it's
meant to be the term, or just how it's been described in the past).

I have wondered, that if you're already doing RAID, can it provide the
same ability?  I'm guessing that if you wanted to increase the size of a
RAID, it probably entails adding more than one drive at a time.

> LVM's provide a lot of added flexibility at the price of complexity.

Always seems to be the case...

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