Thunderbird does not respect the default browser setting. [SOLVED]

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Sat Mar 9 14:01:35 UTC 2013

Am 09.03.2013 14:56, schrieb Ed Greshko:
> On 03/09/13 21:43, Reindl Harald wrote:
>> you do not understand what i am trying to tell you
>> i saw on my machine google-chrome a few years ago
>> in exactly this settings and you can bet that ii have
>> not made them, i guess it was the chrome-installation
>> like any update tries to enable/start atd.service until
>> you mask it
>> so if someone finds that default settings are ignored
>> he has at the first place to look in any application
>> specific ones!
> You're right....  I don't know what you're trying to convey.
> I can't tell if you are suggesting that the OP changes TBird specific configuration to get the desired behavior *or* check the TBird specific configurations to determine if there is a configuration setting which is causing the user defined default settings to be ignored.

finally it does not matter

the point is to look at this settings, know that they are present,
learn generally how the configuration of used apllications works
and even if the settings are not the cause of the problem

set them is the better solution compared with a endless thread
which config-files all over the system, many of them depending
on the DE, on how old is your setup, how many dist-upgrades
you poissibly done, what you may have changed in the past and
you never ever will find

* there is ONE place to control this in thunderbird
* as the thread states ONLY thunderbird has the problem
* well fix, the problem in the application which has it
* do ot mangle around on the whole system if you have one specific place

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