slightly OT

Roger arelem at
Mon Mar 18 01:07:53 UTC 2013

I am sad and disappointed.
Gimp, for me at least, is now a disaster waiting to happen. It's not 
flying Buzz, it's falling with style.
-Save options are more complex than necessary, defaulting to xcf when an 
image is png, gif or jpg, is rather pathetic.
-Toolbox has disappeared to infinity and beyond.
-I don't want to go find a new tool box each time, with the useless "You 
can drop dockable dialogs here" message, golly it's beyond useless. I 
want the bog standard one that always appeared when Gimp opened.
-Saved image quality seems deteriorated in comparison to the more 
ancient Gimps of  6 months to a year ago.
Gimp in Ubuntu has not yet suffered the indignities galore of this 
Fedora 18 gimp.
Same pc, same everything, different Operating system, all Gimp updates.

If anyone out there in Fedora 18 land can help me get the default Gimp 
tool box back I would be momentarily joyous. The normally vociferous 
Google seems ominously silent.

Different topic, still sad.
Has anyone found a way to stop Gnome 3 in Fedora 18 from shrinking and 
enlarging the desktop dependent on where the mouse may be at any point 
in time. It's affecting my vertigo. I don't wanna go to Mint, don't like 
Has any one found a use for the silly dark grey stripe that infrequently 
appears at the bottom of the Gnone 3 desktop. There's gotta be a use for 
it. I once had a Selinux error warning light show up in the bottom right 
corner but that went away.

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