Problem with cron

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Sun Mar 24 17:07:41 UTC 2013

Am 24.03.2013 18:03, schrieb Joe Zeff:
> On 03/24/2013 03:19 AM, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>> I'm also not surprised, but I've asked about /var/log/cron early.
> Yes, and I've reported before that all it showed was my examining (and editing) crontab

if someone aks for a log file he asks for it's content and
NOT for the interpretation of the guy with the problem

there is no "but" and no "if"

if you need help show informations
show them fully and do not strip them as you believe it is good

YOU MAY not understand details of the output which could lead
the expert to teh solution of your problem - it does not matter
if it would have helped in exactly this case

as example: if i request a specific information and get a stripped
or mangled one i often lose any interest to follow the problem

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