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Chris Adams linux at
Mon Nov 17 22:09:03 UTC 2014

Once upon a time, Juan Orti <juan.orti at> said:
> systemd-resolved is a daemon for resolving DNS. What's wrong about
> caching? All DNS servers perform caching.
> It's like if you have unbound at as local resolver, that's a
> very common setup.

Well, that's the point.  We already have multiple, perfectly functional,
caching resolvers.  We have resolver libraries.  Why did the systemd
project add this to the scope of the project for "a system and service
manager for Linux"?  Why didn't they re-use existing services and/or
libraries?  Why re-invent a wheel that happens to have a number of
corner cases that can be tricky to get right (and a security problem if
you get it wrong)?

Chris Adams <linux at>

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