rpmbuild error on F23

Ranjan Maitra maitra.mbox.ignored at inbox.com
Wed Nov 4 04:13:08 UTC 2015


I have been having an error on F23 with rpmbuild while building my personal rpms. 

Here is the error I have been having. (aNu is a terminal emulator program that I have modified from an existing source file, ie evilvte.)

Processing files: aNu-debuginfo-0.1-1.fc23.x86_64
error: Empty %files file /home/maitra/rpmbuild/BUILD/aNu-0.1/debugfiles.list

RPM build errors:
    Empty %files file /home/maitra/rpmbuild/BUILD/aNu-0.1/debugfiles.list

I guess the question is: what has changed from F22 to F23 which causes these errors. Here is the spec file:

Here is the files section:

%config(noreplace) /usr/share/icons 

And I have placed the entire spec file at:

$ fpaste aNu.spec
Uploading (2.1KiB)...
WARNING: Could not shorten URL

Any suggestions on what I should do. 

Many thanks and best wishes,

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