[Fedora-xen] Benchmark comparison of Xen vs. KVM - advice?

jonr at destar.net jonr at destar.net
Tue Nov 9 18:38:42 UTC 2010

Quoting Digimer <linux at alteeve.com>:

> On 10-11-09 12:54 PM, jonr at destar.net wrote:
>> Digimer,
>> I would think the latest xen vs the latest kvm would be best. Fully
>> virtualized vs Para-virtualized, is that possible with kvm? I don't
>> believe your specs are too low end, they actually match pretty close
>> to what I have and I don't think the OS matters that much as long as
>> they are identical setups.
>> Thanks for offering to do the comparison, I am very interested in your
>> results.
>> Jon
> I will look into whether fully virtualized is an option for KVM. If not,
> I probably won't worry as all "modern" operating systems support
> paravirtualized setups.
> I've got no way of knowing how to run tests on non-linux VMs. If anyone
> can give advice on benchmarking non-Linux OS', I'd be grateful and will
> give it a go.
> Can you (or anyone) suggests tests to run beyond bonnie++ and a kernel
> compile that would be "real-world" and useful benchmarks? I think one
> test that will help would be to run tests concurrently on two VMs to see
> if there is a difference in how Xen or KVM handle very random disk I/O.
> PS - I will likely need a week or so to get these tests done.
> --
> Digimer

Does bonnie++ do network tests? I would also be interested in how well  
the network performs. I know this would depend on the NIC's but it  
would be "good enough" for me. :)

Thanks again and I am willing to wait a week or two or more if you need it.


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