Wanted: Suggestions for the F13 Xfce Spin

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 12 06:45:32 UTC 2010

Some random thoughts about the package selection Spin:

Drop gftp (3,3 mb): we can do the same with Thunar and gigilo.

Drop totem: Should save us ~ 12 mb. Parole seems a good alternative.
0.2.0 was just released and works fine, except there are some problems
with the audio. And we would loose automatic codec installation with

Replace mousepad with leafpad? Mousepad was forked from leafpad to add
printing. Unfortunately this requires xfconf wich we don't ship (in
favor of system-config-printer) and is very limited. Leafpad now has
full printing support via the gtk-print dialog. A rewrite of mousepad is
planned, but it's not sure if it will be before F13.

What about midori? of course we are not going to drop it, but I don't
think that it can replace firefox until F13, for example it doesn't work
with the java or parole plugin.

Another login manager? We could use to SLiM or LXDM. LXDM has more
features, but is still in early stages of development and there are
still SELinux problems. Downsides:
     1. With SLiM and LXDM we loose automatic unlocking of the default
        keyring, but we are working on this (at least I am in LXDM).
     2. We loose fast user switching. Not sure how popular this is

Include some plugins for geany?

More development stuff, e.g meld?

More suggestions or feedback, especially on the login manager?


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