Self introduction

Jon Masters jonathan at
Wed Nov 16 07:58:41 UTC 2011

Greetings again,

I've decided to standardize on Xfce for the time being, having been -
shall we say - less than happy with GNOME. I spent weeks recently
reading the Xlib protocol and have started reading the GTK source. I
have years worth of catch up to do in UI programming, and initially
thought I'd try to revive a GNOME 2.x fork, but even if I had the time
to do so, I think that would give too much assistance to a project I
strongly disagree with when Xfce is doing something more useful.

Anyway. Long story short, I intend to learn more in semi-lurking mode as
I study the Xfce source, get a bit more involved upstream, then here. I
am very grateful for all of the work being put in by this SIG.


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