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On Sat, 19 Nov 2011 11:22:25 -0700, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

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>> 	As one of the refugees from Gnome3, I'm running and trying to
>> learn xfce under F16 -- and the xfce-panel is still a major stumbling
>> block. I did "yum install gnome-panel," and it worked. But neither
>> "gnome- panel" nor "/usr/bin/gnome-panel" works. I get an error message
>> about gnome-shell which I can't even c&p here, because without
>> gnome-panel I can't even get to it. Catch-22??

> Perhaps you could explain the issues you are having with xfce4-panel?
	The biggest one is that I can't get the workspace switcher to do 
anything. Everything I do is predicated on having two rows with 14 - 18 
spaces. But I change the settings in xfce's switcher, and they change 
back. I log out and back in, and my changes still don't take.

	Also, the bottom panel (I use bottom and left side) is just a tad 
too high on the monitor (like a lot of other things on that machine), so 
that when I hold the cursor on some unfamiliar launcher, the little 
message that pops up is too far down below to read.

> Running gnome 3's gnome-panel under Xfce is quite unlikely to work
> smoothly, IMHO.

	I thought Gnome 3 didn't have one! Is gnome-
panel-3.2.1-2.fc16.i686 (given by rpm -q) part of gnome 3, then?? That 
seems contrary to the gnome-developers' whole new party line.

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