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[Fedora-i18n-bugs] [Bug 1933539] New: Require mkfontdir/mkfontscale directly, not xorg-x11-xkb-utils
by bugzilla@redhat.com
5 hours, 5 minutes
[Bug 2062531] New: [abrt] ibus-hangul: g_malloc(): ibus-engine-hangul killed by SIGTRAP
by bugzilla@redhat.com
9 hours, 3 minutes
[Bug 2069725] New: Missing support for Georgian uppercase characters
by bugzilla@redhat.com
12 hours, 15 minutes
[Bug 2107352] New: [abrt] ibus: bus_server_init(): ibus-daemon killed by SIGTRAP
by bugzilla@redhat.com
17 hours, 7 minutes
[Bug 1974983] New: After upgrade xkeyboard-config to version 2.33-1.fc35 layout indicator stop react to layout switch by Ctrl-Shift key combination.
by bugzilla@redhat.com
17 hours, 25 minutes
[Bug 2036458] New: Lohit Punjabi font does not implement all unicode specs
by bugzilla@redhat.com
18 hours, 30 minutes
[Bug 2026124] New: add pkg-config file
by bugzilla@redhat.com
18 hours, 42 minutes
[Bug 2020514] New: Ibus got installed on upgrading to Fedora 35 but it doesn't work with KDE/Qt apps
by bugzilla@redhat.com
18 hours, 51 minutes
[Bug 2013610] New: Problem when ibus uses XIM: When committing something and then sending a space by returning False, the commit and the space are reversed
by bugzilla@redhat.com
18 hours, 56 minutes
[Bug 2009665] New: [abrt] ibus: g_log_structured_standard(): ibus-ui-gtk3 killed by SIGTRAP
by bugzilla@redhat.com
18 hours, 59 minutes
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