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[sssd PR#5730][opened] Tests: SSSD logs improvements: clarify which config option applies to…
by aborah-sudo
4 hours, 3 minutes
[sssd PR#5712][opened] Health and Support Analyzer - Add request log parsing utility
by justin-stephenson
22 hours, 55 minutes
[sssd PR#5689][opened] Tests: Add tests ported from bash for AD Parameters Domain
by jakub-vavra-cz
4 days, 5 hours
[sssd PR#5685][opened] KCM: Add krb5-libs dependency in spec
by justin-stephenson
2 weeks, 2 days
[sssd PR#5723][opened] Translations update from Weblate
by weblate
2 weeks, 3 days
[sssd PR#5677][opened] Tests: Add test_nss_get_by_name_with_private_group.
by jakub-vavra-cz
2 weeks, 3 days
[sssd PR#5682][opened] bugfix for newline char in sss_obfuscate
by rajsshah86
1 month
[sssd PR#5705][opened] p11_child: do_card fix loop exit condition
by assafmo
1 month, 1 week
[sssd PR#5709][opened] General: Hardeninig getenv() usage
by elkoniu
1 month, 2 weeks
[sssd PR#844][opened] sssd-ad and gpo_child: GPO apply fixes during reading fails
by mastersin
1 month, 3 weeks
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