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Adam Miller maxamillion at
Fri Feb 19 19:17:10 UTC 2010

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 9:41 AM, Paul W. Frields <stickster at> wrote:
>> All I have ever done through out this entire obfuscated campaign in
>> search of a defined "target audience" is ask questions for
>> clarification. I'm not here to yell and freak out about what the
>> Board is doing, I still don't know enough to really start doing that
>> or decide that I like what's going on and go along with it.  I am
>> not here to undermine the Board, just ask questions about things
>> that concern me so that I can attempt to understand where the Board
>> is coming from and where they are trying to go.
> We generated this list here some time ago through soliciting community
> input and parsing through some of the difficult discussions of the
> last year:

Right, I do appreciate this, but when I brought up questions about
that exact wiki page it turned into a 100+ thread on the mailing list
as more and more people chimed in about their misunderstanding of the
points outlined on this page. At this point I feel that those bits are
cleared up. I have a better understanding of what the Board is trying
to do, I don't have any objections at this time, and I don't want it
to seem as though I am trying to start fires or undermine anyone's
efforts. This truly was all for the sake of clarification, or that was
at least the intention.

> The Board formed a working group to make headway on these issues
> because a single weekly meeting wasn't allowing us to do that.  We're
> making steady progress each week, and we work on all of this
> transparently.  I believe that Matt Domsch, in fact, has been
> discussing one of our current issues with the Spins SIG directly on
> their list.  I certainly hope you're taking the opportunity to be
> involved there if it's of interest.

The Spins SIG discussed this in our last meeting. I don't know who
will be delivering the "official statement" on it though so I won't
really speak to this as I don't feel I a am in a place to really speak
for the entire SIG but I did participate in the discussion.


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