[Ambassadors] Red Hat's investments (was Re: Going passive)

Max Spevack mspevack at fedoraproject.org
Fri Nov 12 00:40:07 UTC 2010

On Thu, 11 Nov 2010, Christoph Wickert wrote:

> I'm not going to leave, at least not at this point. I still love 
> Fedora, it's values and it's community. I don't get up that easily and 
> I still have hope. I'm going to travel to the EMEA FAD next weekend 
> and I'm looking forward to meet Jared there. Do you think I'd spend 3 
> days of my rare spare time and pay over 500 EUR from my pocket for 
> this if I wouldn't - after all - love Fedora?
> If people followed your advice, the European community would become 
> very small all over sudden.

No doubt, part of what will come out of the EMEA FAD is a list of things 
that the EMEA community wants.

A subset of the things that the EMEA community wants will be things that 
it wants from Red Hat.

I hope that when that list is shared either during or after the FAD, 
that many of the things on that list will be possible to deliver, and to 
deliver in a relatively short timeframe.

I hope people realize that anywhere in the world, Red Hat wants to say 
"YES" to as many things as possible.  Sometimes legal issues force an 
answer of no, and that's unfortunate -- especially when folks in one 
region (like EMEA) don't agree with the legal decisions made based on 
the risk or laws of another region.

But there isn't a single person in the Fedora Project -- Red Hatter or 
otherwise -- who doesn't want the regional Fedora communities worldwide 
to successful.


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