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Thu Sep 2 13:01:01 UTC 2010

Josef Reisinger wrote on 02.09.2010 12:12:
>   Paul,
> I am not sure I understood correct: Are you looking for the Fedora logo 
> in particular or any mentioning of the Fedora Product?
> I subscribe to the German's magazine "c't" and have all issues from 1997 
> on CD/DVD (a service of the editor of c't). Unfortunatly this service 
> lets me get rid of any hardcopy once I receive the CD/DVD.
> I did a quick view on one of them and found references to Fedora 
> distributions, but no logo so far. If I find one, I am sure you will be 
> able to approach the editor of c't ( to get some dated 
> evidence from them.

The article "Herzstück"(¹) about Fedora Core 5, published in c't 8/2006,
Page 82 (sold for two weeks on stands in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and
selected other parts of the world, starting from 3. April 2006) contains
a screenshot where the right part of the default FC5 background(²) is
visible; both the Fedora logo and the Fedora wordmark are visible.

Is that something that we are looking for? I can get hold of a hardcopy
easily if needed.



(²) the one with the bubbles:

> Am 8/31/2010 5:23 PM, schrieb Paul W. Frields:
>> Red Hat Legal provides numerous services as counsel to the Fedora
>> community, including defending Fedora trademarks against possible
>> encroachment.  Occasionally, people who have no connection to our
>> community attempt to use the Fedora trademark to signify business
>> efforts that have no connection to the Fedora Project, our
>> distribution, or the Fedora community.
>> Red Hat Legal is currently working on just such a defense.  They've
>> asked me to pass on a request for assistance in gathering physical
>> evidence of our use of the Fedora logo worldwide prior to *January 30,
>> 2007*.
>> Here's what Red Hat Legal needs.  Please read this description
>> carefully, and DO NOT REPLY to this list with attachments.  That will
>> keep the list usable by its many subscribers.  Please reply directly
>> to the addresses listed at the bottom of this email, and only if you
>> have something that meets one or more of these criteria.
>> * An item bearing the current Fedora logo that was produced or
>>    available in China prior to January 30, 2007 is optimal, but
>>    anything available worldwide would suffice.
>> * Tangible objects -- paper brochures, CDs, buttons, mousepads,
>>    balloons, webpage printouts with a print date from before 30
>>    January, 2007, T-shirts, etc. -- that were in existence before that
>>    date.  For example, a T-shirt that says "Fedora 2005" on it would be
>>    good, or perhaps one with just a release number that's before
>>    January 30, 2007.
>> * We have a Fedora 5 CD, but any others from before 30 January 2007
>>    would be good.  (AFAIK Fedora Core 6 is the only other applicable
>>    release, since FC5-FC6 were the two distros we produced with the
>>    logo prior to January 30, 2007.)[1]
>> * We're looking for a a hard copy of this Linux magazine from
>>    March, 2006:
>> any other magazines, ads, news articles, etc. from before
>>    January 30, 2007 that talk about Fedora.
>> If it's not obvious from the object itself what the date is, Red Hat
>> Legal may ask you to sign an affidavit explaining what the object is
>> and how you know it existed before January 30, 2007.
>> Photos or scans of anything like CD's, T-shirts, keyrings, mouse pads,
>> etc. are acceptable.  You can email these directly to edutton at
>> redhat dot com.
>> If the item is paper (like the magazine), you can mail it directly to:
>> Erin Dutton
>> Red Hat Legal Department
>> Attention: Fedora TM items
>> 1801 Varsity Drive
>> Raleigh, NC  27606
>> * * *
>> [1]
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