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Fri Sep 3 08:00:10 UTC 2010

  Dear all,

   I did a research of screenshots and pictures showing Fedora in the 
archive of the articles of the German Magazin c't. The following article 
have at least a screenshot which shows either the "old" or "new" Fedora 
logo. Honestly, I wasn't really aware of the difference between the 
logos before this research. I use Fedora/Redhat from the days of 
single-digit numbers for a Redhat release :-)

If you are interested in hard-copies, you may want to contact the 
publisher: leserservice at <mailto:leserservice at>

* 	*Title
* 	*Abstract
* 	*What to see
c't 13/2004, p. 114
	Generationswechsel 	Article compares the "new Linux distributions with 
	Two Install screens from Fedora
One Screenshot of Fedora Desktop
c't 22/2004, p. 198 	Mehr Schwung für den Athlon
	Article compares AMD desktop processor based mainboards with fast 
	Screenshot of Fedora 2 desktop
c't 24/2004, p. 182
	Test of Fedora Core 3 und Suse Linux 9.2
	Screenshot Fedora desktop (weekday, day, Month but no year visible in 
c't 14/2005, p. 152
	Test of Fedora Core 4
	Two times screenshot Fedora desktop
1st shows a date of Sat, Jun 11 (no year)
2nd shows a date of 2005-06-11
c't 25/2005, p. 232
	Teile und Hersche
	Partitioning with LVM
	Screenshot of LVM tool with Fedora Logo*
c't 1/2006, p. 162
	Select and install hardware on Linux
	Picture of a laptop wit Fedora screen shot
c't 14/2006, p. 166
	Kopf an Kopf
	The article compares Fedora, Suse Linux und Ubuntu
	Partitioning tool of FC5 with "new" logo
c't 23/2006, p. 82
	Jung und gutaussehend
	short description of FC6
	Screenshot of a 3D-animated workspace switch with several Fedora logos 
c't 26/2006, p. 218
	Nice and useful 3D-effects on Linux desktops
	Screenshot of a 3D-animated workspace switch with several Fedora logos 
(compiz) (same as above)
Two screenshots with showing Fedora Logo through transparent Package 
updater window

* as in (I 
assume that's the 'old' one)

I hope this helps you in your case.

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