[Ambassadors] EMEA Media, All desktop spins on one disc, All full install DVDs on one disc

Jukka Palander jukka at devspain.com
Wed Oct 13 12:54:03 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-10-13 at 12:17 +0200, Sascha Thomas Spreitzer wrote:
> Dear freedorians,
> we were researching the technical possibility of putting more then one
> live cd on one disc.

clip, clip...

OK. I understand that we are still keeping old live CDs and Installation
DVDs in place. Anyhow my thoughts are that:

1) dual layer discs are expensive
2) dual layer discs are much more unreliable
3) dual layer discs does not work on every DVD-reader (especially old
4) dual layer discs are slower to read

This leads me into the question that:

1) Do we (Fedora) get "bad-will" from it when people feel that;
 -it is so big to download
 -it is not working on my computer after (a long) download
 -disk is damaged too easily etc.
 -it is so huge package (others are much smaller)

2) How does this affect to Freemedia project?
 -do we contributors have to buy those much more expensive discs to burn
and send freemedia?
 -how are we sure people really understand that it is probably not
working in all computers (especially in developing areas where freemedia
requests are in place the most)
 -does this make it more difficult to spread out Fedora media by
volunteers who are not inside the Fedora-project? ->people who are
friends of someone and who wants a media and then they find is so big
(and media expensive) that they leave it in there... ????
 -mobile broadband users start requesting more Freemedia because the
package is so big and therefore we are receiving more requests from
places we thing everyone have a proper fast wired broadband!

I do not know. My quick opinion is that maybe we should make what the
demand is and at least for me it is to be able to hand out an
installation DVD which is working for both i686 and 64bit (because
people do not know which one they are using) but only have Gnome.

Does this kind of compilation fit into the one normal single layer DVD?

Requests for other desktops (KDE and XCFE) are quite small, but this is
my opinion only based on the queries I have received.


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