[Ambassadors] Formal request for approval of the multi-desktop DVD (Re: Board meeting recap, 2010 10-18)

Brandon Lozza brandon at pwnage.ca
Thu Oct 21 13:56:58 UTC 2010

2010/10/21 Gregory Fenton <fedora at fedoradvds.com>:
> Question: Can grub have submenus?
> Answer: Yes.

Then why not have:

Fedora Desktop
Fedora KDE
Fedora XFCE
Fedora LXCE

then when you choose one it expands into the following for each,
replace $desktop with KDE, etc.

$desktop LiveCD
$desktop Install
$desktop Verifiy Media
Go back

I think this would make it less scary, but the options shouldn't be
left out for the alternatives. It just reeks of gnome less is more

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