Cloud meeting: I'm on a plane

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at
Thu Mar 11 18:19:53 UTC 2010

Because of travel delays, I will be on a plane during our scheduled 
meeting time.  If someone else wants to lead the meeting, I'm fine with 
that; otherwise, I'm happy to wait until next week.

Here's my status for the week: Amazon is working on "something big" that 
we can't really talk about in public, and it affects the way we will be 
uploading kernels.  They were supposed to announce something last Friday, 
but they haven't -- which means that, to some degree, we're in a holding 

Until this "big thing" happens, though, we should still be able to upload 
our latest kernel for testing, and if we can get an AKI uploaded that 
works for F12, we should be able to start building images.  In fact, I 
think we should be trying to upload both F12 and F13-beta images.

Justin -- are we ready to upload AKIs for F12 and F13-beta?  Any 
impediments at this point?


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