Fedora 20 cloud plans?

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Fri Jun 28 10:36:11 UTC 2013

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> On 2013-06-26, Matthew Miller <mattdm at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> > Improving the Cloud Image
> >=========================
> > - disable the gettys by default?
> Well, start at least one, for those of us using these images outside of
> EC2 environments where we may actually have console access.
> It would be nice if we could enable console output by default if that's
> not already happening (not running a getty on the console; just ensuring
> that kernel messages go out the serial port if one is available).
> > - look at the logging configuration (rsyslog/journald double-logging issue;
> >   look at memory and on-disk journald consumption)
> I would love to see a systemd-only base configuration for cloud images.
> If I want remote logging I'll install rsyslog as part of the initial
> deployment.

It was mentioned elsewhere that Matt/Garrett had a thought to have systemd journal logs output to syslog and console; do you mean something like that, or do you just mean straight-up, no rsyslog?

(Warning: uneducated-about-logging comments start here)

My only question about doing that as the standard is whether or not many of the log analyzers or monitoring systems out there actually have journal logs as an input (for lack of a better term). TBH - I don't really know if "journal logs as an input" is an issue; I know there are plugins for journal like journal2gelf, but there are a zillion other things out there where I don't know how things would function (log4j 2, logstash, loggly, splunk, nagios, etc).

While I agree that it's good to push people towards the new technologies in Fedora - I think there's a fine line in situations like this where we want to make sure that we're at least being aware of end-user surrounding infrastructure and making sure other projects are going to be compatible. 

But like I said, I am rather uneducated in this area so I could be worrying for nothing. 

All that said: I did see a post from Johann on G+ about rsyslog gaining systemd journal support:

(Short version: rsyslog 7.4.0 released and gains systemd journal support

* omjournal writes messages to the journal
* imjournal obtains messages including journal-specific meta data items from the journal)

... which also points to this rsyslog vs. journal paper which might be good food for thought:


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