OOO not auto-saving by default

Steve Thacker w5set at
Fri Nov 26 07:03:27 UTC 2004

yes I have taken several "novices" thru the setups/options of OO and Ms 
windows stuff too. some couldn't setup a cup on a saucer, but most can 
and do
most office personell are rather computer savy after just a little work, 
but I do think the setup of saving the work in any office suite should 
be closely controlled in this day and age. Just turning on the 
"auto-save" feature doesn't help without where it should go, so there 
are 2 points of interest here. Where to allow office people to save and 
if they should be allowed to carry home data if they use a thumb-drive, 
cd, floppy or whatever. Seems to me that in a secure data site, like a 
doctor/lawyer office it should go back to the server.
Point is---where do you save or allow it to be saved after turning on 
the auto-save feature on everyone's computer? May as well not have it 
turned on in an office environment as to have maybe sensitive data going 
soneplace the admin wouldn't ever dream of allowing it.
	even in the home, where my usual usage is, I use particular directories 
of my own choise, not the default directories. I like to copy them to a 
data cd, or thumbdrive and take them with me--I don't like waiting to 
find them through a search of my hard drive, even Ms winders likes to 
bury them inside a directory or 4.
	and we are making a lot to do about just a minor point--just publish 
this default setting "problem" somehwere that newbies can find and list 
other ways to use the auto-save feature---Hay! a info page?
      I do have a small network (7 computers)going here at home and my 
wife likes me to be handy sometimes to FIX her computer once in a while. 
She uses Excel/word but I can't get her to change to OO/Linux. She won't 
allow me to even upgrade her computer to XP-let alone Linux Fedora 
Core-SHE SAYS SHE FINALLY GOT THE HANG OF ME Windows--yeah--right! 

Sean Bruno wrote:

> Wow...Have you ever taken a standard computer user through the settings
> of any Office suite?  They stare at you as though you are speaking a
> different language.  
> Most users really don't care about options and get very frustrated when
> stuff "just doesn't work."  

> As far as cost is concerned, most people don't really care that OO and
> Linux are free.  They get a "free" version of something with their new
> PC that mostly meets their needs.  
> Am I underestimating the novice computer user?  Am I making too big a
> deal out of one option setting here?  If I am, I'll just drop it and
> make an "FAQ" on a post-it to change the auto-save setting.  Since I am
> not seeing any opinions from the RedHat folks here, I think we are all
> wasting out time.

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