Do not disturb mode in F22/Gnome 3.16

Norman L Smith nls1729 at
Mon Jun 22 14:34:41 UTC 2015

I have written a simple extension to provide a Do Not Disturb Button.

I have cc'ed Ankur Sinha and Heiko Adams.  I ask they test the
extension to insure it is adequate for their needs.  If I receive
a positive response I will upload it to the ego site.

The following instructions should be all that is needed to test.
I suspect they may be a bit pedantic but here goes...

$ git clone
$ cd acme-code/donotdisturb-button at nls1729
$ make zip-file

The file donotdisturb-button at should be found
in the current directory.

Execute the gnome-tweak-tool (Tweak Tool).

Extensions -> Install Shell Extension

Navigate to directory containing donotdisturb-button at


Log out and log in.

Execute the gnome-tweak-tool (Tweak Tool).


Find "Do not disturb button"

Set to ON

A new button should appear on the left top panel.

The button can be toggled with the mouse or keyboard.

The extension should function with the Screen Shield
and Screen Lock.

If the button is set to busy and notifications are
received.  Toggling the button to available will
display the queued notifications.

If notifications are received during Screen Lock or
Screen Shield the queued notifications can be displayed
on the Notification Section of the Calendar.

Please let known what you think.


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