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> On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 11:47 +0300, Aioanei Rares wrote:
> >
> >         Gah, ignore me. I meant to install i386 earlier but wound up
> >         installing
> >         an x86_64 image which accounts for the difference. And the
> >         docs agree
> >         fully with my subsequent experience :)
> > Either way, I think you're right...the req's are kinda high...
> Well, yes. I will do an i386 install later and compare. I don't really
> blame the *x86_64* figures for being so high, largely because any system
> featuring an x86_64 probably never had less than 256MB RAM and 512MB
> really isn't all that much to be expecting these days. It'd just be
> nicer if we could install in a virtual machine with less allocated.
> Jon.
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x86_64 requires more disk space/RAM because of the libraries. But it still
would be nice if
we could come up with some idea to un-bloat various aspects in Fedora,
aspects which
attract a somehow negative image upon the distribution.
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