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Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Wed Jun 9 05:18:57 UTC 2010

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> Well the only person I see mentioning quality is Kevin. And for some
> reason he is expecting it immediately

You can't claim that there are "shortcomings in our testing" (the exact 
words Luke used!) without a metric of quality. A shortcoming in testing 
means less testing was done than needed. If the packages have good quality, 
that means more testing is NOT needed, no matter what the actual amount of 
testing was.

In addition, Luke is speculating about those numbers "improving" with 
upcoming policy changes. But the word "improve" only makes sense for a 
quantity which measures some kind of quality. Pure numbers without a 
judgement of value can only "increase" or "decrease", not "improve".

        Kevin Kofler

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