Ubuntu moving towards Wayland

Lennart Poettering mzerqung at 0pointer.de
Tue Nov 9 22:07:48 UTC 2010

On Tue, 09.11.10 04:05, Jon Masters (jonathan at jonmasters.org) wrote:

> > >  From what I've read so far you can run rootless X as a Wayland client so 
> > > you can just use your remote X apps like you did in the past next to native 
> > > Wayland apps. Also if there is a real interest in this feature then this 
> > > could be implemented for Wayland it would just not be part of the core.
> > 
> > And what happens when all the apps are native Wayland apps and
> > none of those can be run remotely?
> > 
> > If I wanted to step back to the pre-net era, I'd run Windows.
> +1 for bringing these points up. No offense to krh (because it's nice
> technology) but you can pull my genuine networked applications from my
> cold dead hands. I agree that I see this ongoing trend to move toward
> things that are fluffy and pretty at the cost of flexibility.

I think you aren't even aware how broken this "mix and match" network
approach of classic X11 is. The semantics of D-Bus and other IPCs in a
distributed X11 session has never been clearly defined, and all kinds of
integration between apps mostly just vanishes if you do this, or will
behave weirdly.

Yes, X11 over the network still kinda works, but if you claim the status
quo was so awesome, then you're just blind.


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