bugzilla bugzappers?

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Tue Nov 23 13:39:28 UTC 2010

mån 2010-11-22 klockan 18:51 +0100 skrev Björn Persson:
> Henrik Nordström wrote:
> > * Slight adjustment of karma to provide choices "Works for me", "Problem
> > still present" and "New problems seen"
> > 
> > * "Works for me" is a +1, and also adds the refereced bug as fixed by
> > the update if not already in the list of fixed bugs.
> > 
> > * "Problem still present" is a -1 if the bug is listed as fixed.
> > Otherwise a +/-0.
> > 
> > * "Regression causing new problems" is a -1, and requires a comment
> > explaining the issue and explicit confirmation that the issue is not
> > seen in earlier version.
> That should work for bugfix updates, but updates that don't fix bugs will never 
> get any positive karma. You might argue that no update should be done if there 
> are no bugs to fix, but what about bugfixes where the bugs have been reported 
> upstream but not in Red Hat's Bugzilla?

It was not meant to read that "Works for me" require a bug entry. Just
that when you get to the update via a bug you get it filled in
automatically and you have the option to reference a bug.

> I also think there should be separate choices for "still works for me" and 
> "fixes my problem". "Fixes my problem" would be what you called "works for me", 
> while "still works for me" would be for testers who had no problem before and 
> don't see any regressions.

Good idea.


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