Problem while building mono-2.8

Roland McGrath roland at
Wed Sep 15 17:39:12 UTC 2010

> I've not come across this (mainly as I've not been that active due to a
> mix of work problems and hardware problems which meant a big
> re-install). Most of mono is built, but I've just hit this error
> *** ERROR: No build ID note found
> in /home/paul/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/mono-2.8-1.fc15.i386/usr/lib/mono/2.0/
> googling suggests that there has been a change and that I need to add
> LDFLAGS += --build-id in the build and install parts. I've not had to do
> this before, so am I missing something and if I include it, will it then
> fail to build on koji?

That is not usually the ideal solution.  And that the problem is new (some
time after F8) suggests there may be something more strange going on.
I'll help you figure it out if I can see the build.

If it's otherwise readyish, you might as well just commit it to git for
rawhide (or make another branch in git if you like), as the easy way for me
to get and try it.


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