systemd - standard place to run stuff after the network is up?

Jef Spaleta jspaleta at
Thu Oct 20 20:40:11 UTC 2011

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 12:26 PM, Nicolas Mailhot
<nicolas.mailhot at> wrote:
> On anything more complex a new connexion will usually be established in
> addition to the existing ones, and will have a specific pre-set
> configuration. For example, a port can be dedicated to guest systems, or
> communication with specific networked devices, or external access, etc
> Setting up the new connexion does not involve moving the existing
> configuration to the new connexion but remembering the rules that apply
> with this connexion is live/plugged/powered up (and in the case of guest
> access firing dhcp relay or a dedicated dhcp daemon). It's just too
> convenient for human beings to associate a specific physical connexion
> with specific rules.

And NM's dispatcher.d capability doesn't allow you to define and
remember per connection rules of the complexity you need?


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