guayadeque package review and bundled libraries

Dan Horák dan at
Sun Sep 16 06:37:33 UTC 2012

Martin Gansser píše v So 15. 09. 2012 v 20:00 +0200: 
> I am working on a package preview for guayadeque
> Brandon told me that i have to alk the devel list regarding 'bundled libraries'
> It seems that the guayadeque sources contains some bundled libraries, wxsqlite and wxcurl (wxMD5?).
> has the code submitted as a separate package ?

you can find rpms for wxsqlite and wxcurl at

The problem with wxsqlite is that it doesn't maintain any API/ABI
compatibility across releases. Seems I haven't updated or rebuilt wxcurl
for a long time ...


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